Friday, November 18, 2011


 kean mendez
winner most likes 2,600 ++
bato ss project
winner jusdges pick

congratulations to all who participated. you did a good job and i am proud of you guys!
its all about having fun and exploring on your characters
you follow the rules/mechanics or not doesn't matter
as long you did something that you like and enjoy.
thanks!!! check out their version of ungga
all of your works are way too awesome!
would also like to thank
carrot bombing
the clothing

for the prizes.

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it was last friday

would like to thank everybody who came and who accidentaly was just passing by
and saw a huge crowd and free beer, haha kidding to all of you and you know who you are cause you've been there! thank you i bow down...

thank you everyone i salute you and appreciate it 
to my beloved wife monica for the support since day 1, my son seth and my family who flew from tacloban city to be on my show
i love you!
around of applause to vinyl on vinyl for inviting me to do a show 
(this time not a group show haha)
gab, pia,carlo and rob thank you for trusting me and my art
and for letting me paint your big white wall!
and for all the help from accommodation to food and collectors
its a high five guys!

my psp family shwing!!! my brothers chin up but always stay your foot on the ground.
mark salvatus and wesley valenzuela my two international curators you guys need a hug from me (wink) without mark and wes the show is just another art art show and you guys pulled it off till 4am for the installation i salute you. (except for the corny jokes ahuhummmm)
egg fiasco of manila for the extra hand thank you 
JOOD you mean so much to me thank you for the help, extra hand, for helping me all the way and i still owe you some cash ( i will pay you hehe) bro gnarly bro!!! get well soon!
kidragon for the poster and shirt design mehn from NZ to PH wow thanks a lot BABY BOY!
KO DIESTRO for the poster design too, straight from VEGAS but 100% local hahahha kidding you guys rock and i am deeply and emotionally overwhelmed! thank you

to my sponsors
PYLOX NIPPON PAINTS thank you very much for the healthy fumes
DRIFTWOODLOCALENT for the boards (stoke always my amigos)
CARROT BOMBING for the never ending graffiti supply... word bitch!!!
THE CLOTHING for the support, video documentation and for being my brothers
4023/LAGUNA GRAFF SQUAD this are the laguna's pride!!! much love and respect to my bagid boys!
SYLV,PGS you guys need a high five... and again... thank you!

some of the photos are legally grabbed from facebook with the consent of the owners thank you!

NOVEMBER 11-30, 2011
The Collective
Malugay, Makati

well.... that's all folks!!!