Thursday, January 28, 2010

straight from SF

my very good friend OKTO introduced me to REBEL8
good stuff!!!

photos by: MONICA L.

 thanks for the photos honey

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Graffiti Analysis 2.0: Digital Blackbook from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Graffiti Analysis is an extensive ongoing study in the motion of graffiti. Custom software designed for graffiti writers creates visualizations of the often unseen motion involved in the creation of a tag. Motion data is recorded, analyzed and archived in a free and open database,, where writers can share analytical representations of their hand styles. Influential graffitis artist such as SEEN, TWIST, AMAZE, KETONE, JON ONE and KATSU have had their tags motion captured using the Graffiti Analysis software. All tags created in Graffiti Analysis are saved as Graffiti Markup Language (GML) files, a new digital standard used by other popular graffiti applications such as Laser Tag and EyeWriter. Graffiti Analysis 2.0 is an open source project that is available online for free in OSX, Windows and Linux. Graffiti writers are invited to capture and share their own tags, and computer programmers are invited to create new applications and visualizations of the resulting data. What Martha Cooper did for archiving graffiti on film, and Chalfant/Silver did for archiving graffiti in video, Graffiti Analysis intends to do for archiving graffiti in code. The project aims to build the world's largest archive of graffiti motion and bring together two seemingly disparate communities that share an interest hacking systems, whether found in code or in the city.

Graffiti Analysis is a project by Evan Roth. All of the software changes in GA2.0 were written by Mzz Chris Sugrue, with support from the Fondation Cartier. GA1.0 was created at Parsons Art Media & Technology with input and advising from Zach Lieberman. Graffiti Analysis was built in Open Framewerkz.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


just a study
adobe illustrator

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mmmm can't wait to taste the sushi's
now im hungry.

opening soon in TACLOBAN CITY

Thursday, January 14, 2010


A lot of people ask me what the “8” means. For myself, it’s a reference to the Noble Eightfold Path as taught by Shakyamuni Buddha about 2500 years ago. Through deep introspection and mindful living, following his path has revealed that my own greed, hatred, and delusion are the roots of my suffering. His teachings helped me understand that my suffering originates from within me, not from some outside source. By practicing his Noble Eightfold Path as best I can, I honestly feel like I’ve liberated myself from much of the base suffering I feel day to day by simply understanding that my ego is a creation of my thinking mind and I don’t need to pay it much attention if it isn’t helpful.
The Buddha broke his Eightfold Path down like this:
1. Right View
2. Right Intention
3. Right Speech
4. Right Action
5. Right Livelihood
6. Right Effort
7. Right Mindfulness
8. Right Concentration
Although this sequence isn’t particularly chronological, in my experience Right View helped the development of Right Intention, which in turn helped the development of Right Speech, and so on down the list.
Gaining a proper understanding of Right View is the first step in realizing liberation through the Eightfold Path. Right View is sometimes translated as “right perspective”, “right vision” or “right understanding”. It revealed to me a way of seeing life as it truly is in the present moment, rather than experiencing life as conceptualized within the confines of my thinking mind. In this way, Right View helps me understand that I create my own suffering, and happiness for that matter. I learned that I must be personally responsible for maintaining peace and tranquility of mind because nobody else will do it for me. Once I had really established Right View for myself, I was able to free myself from my fear of inevitable sickness, aging and my eventual death. I also began to understand the base nature of human existence and Ultimate Reality. And although Right View may begin with concepts and propositions, through diligent meditation practice it has gradually become a way for me to eradicate the distractions of my thinking mind.
Right View has also revealed to me the Law of Karma, such that every action in body, speech and mind will have a likewise reaction depending on your intention. To put it simply, if you wish to have a life free of suffering you must act with that intention in everything you do. If your intentions cause harm to those around you, it should be no surprise that someone else intends to harm you. Violence feeds violence. Only non-violence brings peace. I have certainly found this to be the case in my own experience.
Right View also revealed to me the nature of impermanence, such that all things are subject to change. Nothing is absolute, or static. There is no birth, nor death, only change. Fear of death exists in all of us, and it holds us back. We weren’t designed to last forever. We all have to make our peace with death before we can really live. Take advantage of your time right here right now before it’s too late.
As an example of how to understand Right View, consider a leaf on a tree. You may look at a leaf on a tree and allow your mind to create all kinds of distinctions about the leaf. You could compare its color to other leaves. You could compare its size and shape to other leaves. You could think about how old the leaf is or consider how long until it falls from its branch. You could give the leaf a personality and create its life story. You could consider all kinds of “What Ifs”. Like, what if a gust of wind comes along and breaks the leaf free of the branch? What if the tree catches fire? What if the leaf has magic powers?
Or, you could just sit down, quiet your mind and meditate on the leaf. This is how you get to know the leaf as expressed through Right View. With Right View, you can see that the leaf has no beginning and no end. You can see that the leaf is connected to the tree that is connected to the Earth that is connected to the sky. You can see that the rain that falls from the sky is in the leaf. You can see that the leaf produces the oxygen we all need to breathe. You can see that the veins in a leaf grow in the same way that the veins in your body grow. You can see that when the leaf is dry and old, it falls to the ground, disintegrates, becomes fertilizes for the tree, and is again reborn as the tree itself and everything around it. With Right View, you will see that you and the leaf are in fact One.
And once you have established Right View for yourself, you will also see that as a human being you were meant to be happy, content, and loved. Simple as that.
From the Dhammapada:
“All experience is preceded by mind, led by mind, made by mind.
Speak or act with a corrupted mind,
And suffering follows
As the wagon wheel follows the hoof of the ox.
All experience is preceded by mind, led by mind, made by mind.
Speak or act with a peaceful mind,
And happiness follows
Like a never-departing shadow.”

got influenced with this because of my very good friend OKTO


1.       if you could spray paint graffiti on any person, who would it be and on what body part?

      - BEYONCE'S ASS @^@  no malice heheheheheheh.....

thanks to:
 mona alcudia!



kudos to DEF!!!





with KST kd,darko,okto





the drinking table in 40ZORRA


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haven't tried this cans but its worth trying, been getting good feedbacks about this cans.
and it smells like vanilla? woooow interesting 


Commune Stock Room Sale


damn how i wish for this pair, but it cost too much
not for me, rather enjoy this jpeg and make this a desktop wallpaper.


my friend KARL GUSTAV made this 3d ungga for me, its crazy and jaw dropping! damn he is good with this shit when it comes to 3d. applause !
i bow down.


monica in Tacloban city hall

Center of gravity in Kelowna 2009

this is like camsur

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

30 seconds to mars

3 loving years

jag alskar dig!!!!


concept for tshirt with THE clothing
just an idea


logo for my cousin


The new skullcandy asym that fits flat under helmets, goggles and hats.

mountainbike downhill or even longboarding
been using this and its comfy it stays on your ear when you try the bunny hop or even when you crash
5 stars for me thumbs up


PAYTER of UBEC/KO crew drop by tacloban
after surfing in SAMAR.
goodtimes bro your always welcome here in TACLOBAN


day1- jan 14 2010 vista hill pardo
day2- jan 15 2010 hills of danao
day 3jan 16 2010

pushrace jan 17 2010/6am
jy.squarelahug to mactan shrine
Cebu, Philippines




Manila welcomes the new Pepsi logo

As I was passing by EDSA the other night, I noticed the newly launched Pepsi ads and finally caught a glimpse of the local campaigns for their global re-brand. I saw the launch of the logo a few months ago getting attention over blogsphere, but the image that was embedded in my head was this artwork by Lawrence Yang:

"Get in my belly!"
"Get in my belly!"
According to an article in the market share for carbonated softdrinks has been steadily dropping for 3 years now – the biggest reason why Pepsi is pushing for a new branding direction. Dave Burwick, the Chief Marketing Officer for Pepsi said “If we don’t change quickly, we run the risk of being a footnote to history.” The new “Pepsi Globe” logo claims to embody a smile.

Say "Chos!"
Say "Chos!"
The company also has plans to rename Mountain Dew to the more tweet-friendlier-facebook-ier “Mtn Dew” while Diet Pepsi Max will simply change to “Pepsi Max” – a move to face off with Coke’s Zero.

I actually went through the WIP document  of the Arnell group (the NY-based design firm commissioned to create the new logo) which was a 27-page-long design brief with very detailed discourses varying from universal design principles to what seems to be logo forensics. It was wild. I’ve never read anything that lengthy and academic to justify a logo – which is quite remarkable and something that we can all emulate. At points in the brief, the process just seemed too, well, processed – like maybe they tried a little too hard. However, I understand their point-of-view, we are in the business of design, and if we don’t want the clients to prod our work to a bunch of average joes in a focus group, then we do what we can to provide all ways of impressing the client to see that design is a cumulative process and scholastic judgment.

But what does that new logo remind you of? Well, some of them are here:

The Korean Air Logo
The Korean Air Logo
Screenshot of the Pepsi logo from their website
Screenshot of the Pepsi logo from their website
Get Obama-fied!
Get Obama-fied!
What I do like about the new logo of Pepsi is the glaring simplicity they moved on to. I seriously hated all the beverage bottles with fake water drops (as if you couldn’t get that in real life on the same bottle) and shattered ice. We don’t need depth here, really, it’s just a drink. I also like custom font they made for the logo, it’s very Horatio/Chalets-eque, groovy and simple, but personally, I would’ve fixed the S, but I really liked how they treated the letter E.

The general direction the company is going for is the cleaner, more streamlined visual direction. Finally, Apple’s handsomely designed objects have inspired the suits over at PepsiCo to adapt what John McWade calls “the new simplicity” as the megabrand readjusts itself to something more pure and simple to standout amidst the visual clutter.

Pepsi logo and type treatment
Pepsi logo and type treatment

What I do dislike about the Pepsi logo is that the smile doesn’t translate as a smile to me. In fairness to the Arnell group and their 27-page WIP dissertation on the legitimacy of their work, the smiles look clumsy – I mean, of all the talented illustrators and graphic designers in the world, or even Behance, or heck – even Multiply, you couldn’t get someone to create better face dynamics? Have you guys seen those yellow pop-up smileys on Yahoo? Those faces look awesome. And they can even hug >:D<.

Picture 4

All in all, I would like to congratulate Pepsi by putting in (allegedly) $1.5B dollars into this whole rebranding bonanza. It would pump up more work for designers and agencies in the midst of the slump – while getting people to talk about you. You know, $1.5B could go into diabetes research or technology modifications to make Pepsi’s production and products more eco-friendly, and ultimately more beneficial for mankind… I’m just saying that’s a lot of money to put into a logo that still reminds me of this:

"Get in my belly!"
"Get in my belly!"

“Pepsi to redesign core products icon”

“News: Pepsi redesigning logo, products”

“Does Pepsi’s new logo work?”